Kate Middleton's Most Talked-About Looks To Date

Catherine, Princess of Wales knows that whenever she goes out, what she wears will be scrutinized. She is one of the most photographed women in the world, and she has become a true fashion icon in recent years. So, eagled-eyed fans notice everything about her wardrobe — from subtle symbolism in her jewelry to a (gasp!) repeated outfit. There’s no doubt that the beloved Kate Middleton has got royal style down to a fine art, but that doesn’t mean her looks are boring. Sometimes, the princess is prepared to push the boundaries, and people love to talk about it.

1. The wedding dress

Naturally, one of Kate’s most talked-about outfits ever is going to her wedding dress. With its gorgeous lace sleeves and nearly 9-foot-long embroidered train, Kate’s gown was, for many, utter perfection. "Miss Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing," shared the Palace on the very day that William and Kate tied the knot. But that didn’t stop it from causing a ruckus; the stunning design actually sparked a lawsuit. A designer called Christine Kendall took Alexander McQueen to court, maintaining that the fashion house had used her original ideas without consent. By the looks of things, the case hasn’t been resolved.

2. Roller disco

Although she may come across as the poster girl for grace and decorum almost all of the time, we like to think that Kate is a party girl at heart — and this photo from 2008 seems to prove it. Check out the glow-stick bracelets! She was off to have fun at a roller disco at the time, and given that she was in her pre-princess era, Kate could technically wear whatever she liked. Of course, the tabloids still had a thing or two to say about the outfit choice, with the Daily Mail labeling it “inelegant.”

3. Engagement dress

The outfit that Kate wore when she and William announced their engagement was perfect — just the right shade of blue to match the enormous sapphire gem in her ring. But this didn’t stop the dress from causing controversy. Oh, no. Predictably, lots of fans decided they’d like the same one. And the designer’s company crumbled under the high demand. Thankfully, the brand, Issa, was able to relaunch in a U.K. department store in 2015. Given its popularity, they, of course, chose to include a recreation of Kate's iconic wrap dress in a range of colors. And what's even better? They slashed the price to around $124. 

4. Fashion show

Taking a look at this see-through dress now, we can’t even picture it as something that Kate Middleton would ever wear. But she wasn’t always a princess. Once, she was just a regular student, and she wore this outfit during a fashion show fundraiser in her college days. William is said to have attended this event, and seeing Kate in the outfit was apparently a game-changer for him. The duke’s friend Pat Duncan revealed to E! News back in 2011, “He was sitting [in the] front row, and his eyes were like stalks.” Not a bad response for a dress that Marie Claire reports as costing a bargain $58!