Plenty Of Life Hacks Have Been Shared On TikTok – But Here Are The Ones You May Actually Want To Try

A whopping 500 million people use TikTok. The social media app’s user base spans 150 countries and speaks in 39 languages. And while many people think it’s just a platform for catchy dances and comedic clips, there’s more to it than that. Take these 40 life hacks shared through the app, for instance. Because we have a feeling that you might want to try at least one of them given how great they are.

40. Keep your paint can clean during DIY

A fresh coat of paint can transform a room, but you might create a mess in the process. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to pour paint from a pail into a roller tray – that is, until you learn this TikTok hack. With three pieces of painter’s tape, you can create a lip on the edge of your can so that pouring is clean and your container stays that way, too.

39. Boost your iPhone speaker

Sometimes, you just want to blast your music, but your iPhone gets in the way of that – or, so you think. One TikToker shared a quick fix to boost your smartphone’s speakers with the press of a button. Inside of the Settings app, you’ll find an icon for music. Click that, then press EQ and switch it to Late Night. With that, your speakers will be bumping like never before.

38. De-stem your strawberry without sacrificing fruit

This hack quite literally puts the straw in strawberry. In the past, you might’ve chopped the leafy top off of these tiny red fruits. But one TikToker found a way round this wasteful pruning method. Instead, pop a straw through the bottom of the berry and push it out through the stem.

37. Make a McDonald’s meal tray


You could eat your McDonald’s straight out of the bag, or you could try out this hack to build the perfect food tray. Open your burger box to reveal the gap between the lid and the bottom. Slide it over the straw so that it sits on top of your drink. Then, place your sandwich on one side and pour your fries into the other and you’re ready to chow down.

36. Transform a whisk into a head massager

For some people, baking’s a relaxing hobby, but for the rest of us, massages are a more soothing experience. So, transform your whisk into a head massager in a few quick steps, as per this TikTok tutorial. Cut the ends of your whisk and stretch them out before smoothing over the rough edges with a soldering iron.

35. Extend the life of a mechanical pencil’s eraser


We’re all bound to make mistakes in life, and that’s why erasers are so handy. Unfortunately, though, mechanical pencils come with erasers that don’t last long enough – until now. This TikTok hack teaches you to put a crumpled-up piece of paper under the eraser to push it outward. Then replace the eraser, and you’ll find that it lasts longer.

34. Remove red wine stains with an iron

When it comes to red wine, it’s all fun and games until someone spills it on the light-colored rug. Well, that was the case until a TikToker shared this easy cleaning hack. They suggest spraying the area with a carpet stain remover and covering it with a cloth. Then, you should put your iron on its steam setting and press it over the grape-colored mark. Voila! It’s gone.

33. Whip up a one-pan egg sandwich


You know how to make an omelet, and you know how to make grilled cheese. Thanks to TikTok, you can learn to combine these skills to whip up a one-pan egg sandwich. The whisked egg goes in first, and then you’ll add the bread slices. Flip everything over, and then fold it up into a perfectly fried meal.

32. Store your pizza in the right-sized box

Most of that giant pizza you ordered has been eaten, so the massive box in which it came is hardly needed anymore. Luckily, there’s a hack for that. Most pizza boxes come with perforations that allow you to fold it into a smaller container. Just rip off the lid, pull off the triangular sides, and tuck the top into the bottom for appropriately sized storage.

31. Take hands-free notes in class


There’s no need to furiously type along to a lecture anymore. You see, one TikTok user shared a Google Docs-based hack that uses your computer’s microphone to listen to and transcribe exactly what your professor says. Open a document, open the Tools menu and press Voice Typing to activate the note-taking.

30. Peel an orange with ease

Peeling an orange is not the easiest of kitchen tasks, but this TikTok hack can help. Cut the top and bottom off of your fruit before you score its sides. After that, you should be able to pull the pieces away and uncover the juicy citrus hiding below.

29. Add some 1980s’ style to regular jeans


Who doesn’t love the 1980s? You can infuse a bit of the decade’s best style into your wardrobe with a regular pair of jeans and two elastic hair bands. Once you have your pants on, slide one band around each ankle, then roll up the denim. The hair ties will keep the hems tapered and secure.

28. Increase closet storage space with a hanger hack

Save the tabs from your soda, seltzer and beer cans, and you can make your wardrobe more spacious than ever. You’ll put one loop of the pull rings over the metal head of your hanger. Then, you can put another hanger through the other opening, thus stacking hangers and saving space for more clothes.

27. Make the laziest snack bowl ever


Sometimes – or always – you don’t feel like doing the dishes. So, use this TikTok hack to serve snacks in a receptacle that you can throw away once you’ve finished eating. Gently separate the halves of a paper towel sheet, but leave them connected at the bottom. That’s all it takes to create a disposable snack pouch.

26. De-foam boiling pasta water with ice

When pots of pasta boil over, they can create a huge mess. So, fight back against the bubbles with this simple TikTok hack that’s almost too easy to be true. You just need to plop an ice cube into the water to cool it off slightly and stop it from boiling over the edge.

25. Sweep everything up in one go with the help of tape


Sweeping itself isn’t a taxing chore – but the part where you have to lift all of the dust and dirt from the ground can feel impossible. So, rather than struggling with a dustpan, try arming your broom head with a layer of double-sided tape at its edge. This will catch all of the debris that’d be hard to pick up otherwise.

24. Give your dry erase marker a little more juice

You can lasso a dried out whiteboard marker back into service, according to one intrepid TikToker. He tied a rope around his defunct writing utensil before spinning it in circles in the air. Afterward, the seemingly empty pen started to work again – and you can try the same to revive your markers.

23. Transform popsicles into boozy treats


Now that you’re an adult, you can have some fun with those plastic tube popsicles you always ate as a kid. Before you freeze them, clip off the top of the plastic cylinder. Then, pour in your alcohol of choice and reseal the tip with a hot hair straightener. After that, you just have to pop them into the freezer before enjoying a boozy popsicle.

22. Cut a water bottle into a fancy hair styling accessory

You could buy a newfangled hair dryer with accessories that curl your hair with hot air only. Or, you could try this TikTok hack, which will have you cutting two holes into a plastic water bottle: one for your hair and one for the head of your blow dryer. The cylindrical shape of the container will give your hair a curl as you blast it with heat.

21. Scrub your tub with a grapefruit


The acidity of a grapefruit is good for more than just flavor. As one TikToker revealed, it can also make a great bathtub scrubber. Just slice the fruit in half, then pour a bit of sugar on top for added abrasiveness. The combination easily whisks away soap scum and leaves the bathroom smelling citrusy fresh.

20. Hack your chopsticks with a paper straw

Not everyone’s handy with chopsticks. If you’re learning how to use the wooden utensils, then put this TikTok hack into practice. You just have to slide a chopstick halfway into a paper straw. Do the same with your other chopstick on the other side of the straw. Then, bend the paper in half to give your utensils a bit of spring.

19. Reheating pizza so that it’s as good as the first time you ate it


Pizza in all forms is perfection, even a cold leftover slice. However, if you want to restore yesterday’s pie to its crispy, melty glory, then try this TikTok hack. Place a pan over medium heat, put your pizza in and cover it with a lid for three to five minutes. After that, you’ll have a hot, bubbly triangle of deliciousness once again.

18. Tie-dye with red wine

Do you love wine so much that you want to wear it? If so, you’re in luck. Some pioneering TikTok users found that you could use the deeply pigmented pour to dye clothes. After twisting up white shirts with rubber bands, they poured wine over top and let it sit for four hours to really soak in. They then baked their garments in the oven at 170 degrees for 45 minutes to lock in the color.

17. Cook the easiest-ever breakfast quesadilla


If you’ve ever made quesadillas, you’ve probably put the tortilla in the pan first, then added cheese, right? Well, this TikTok hack turns that process upside-down, and it ends up creating a gooey breakfast quesadilla. First, pour whisked egg into the pan, adding cheese once it hardens. On top of that, you’ll place the tortilla, then flip it all over to heat the shell and add toppings. Genius.

16. Separate your egg yolks

It’s a tough business to manually separate egg yolks from the whites. Rather than pouring the yellow part from shell to shell until all of the whites slip away, you could try this simple hack. Crack your egg into a bowl and hold an empty plastic water bottle over your yolk. Lightly squeeze the bottle, release and watch as it vacuums the sunny center right into the container.

15. Eat a cupcake with the perfect cake-to-icing ratio


That pile of icing on top of your cupcake is delicious, sweet… and messy. So, try out this TikTok hack to make it easier to eat. Rip the cake portion off of the bottom of your confection, then place it on top of the icing. This creates a sweet sandwich that’s easy to bite into and enjoy.

14. Trick your toddler into taking their medicine with a juice box

There are some simple truths when it comes to toddlers: they hate taking medicine, and they love drinking juice. Use this information to your advantage next time your little one is under the weather. One genius TikTok user hid their child’s medicine syringe behind a juice box, disguising it as a straw from which the baby happily sipped.

13. Hem extra-long leggings without a needle and thread


Those on the shorter side know how tough it is to find leggings that are the perfect length. Now, though, a TikTok hack can ensure that all of your workout gear will fit like a dream. Just pull up the bunchy fabric around your ankles. Fold it over itself, then pull it back down for an even seam.

12. Slicing cake is now a piece of cake

If you’ve ever been the one wielding the knife to slice up a cake, then you’ve felt the pressure to cut even pieces for everyone. It’s a tough task with a blade in hand, so try another tool. One TikToker revealed that you could use unflavored dental floss or string to quickly carve perfect portions.

11. Remove chicken tendons without any elbow grease


Even the finest chicken breast will probably have a bit of tendon lingering. You can quickly remove it with a fork and a paper towel. Slide the fatty piece through the middle of a fork. With the chicken breast beneath the utensil, you’ll pull the tendon up and through the tines for a near-instant removal of the tendon.

10. Open up your chips in a new way

You have always pulled apart your chip bag from the top, but this TikTok video gives you another option. Instead, unstick a pop top from a wipes container and press it onto your chip bag. Open the lid, then use a knife to cut out the plastic between it and the chips. With that, you’ll have a hand-sized opening through which to grab a bite.

9. Tackle tough Tupperware stains


We all have seemingly permanently stained Tupperware laying around – that is, until we all try this TikTok hack. Supposedly, you can pour warm water into the container, filling it halfway. Squeeze in some dish soap, and throw some shreds of paper towel on top. After that, you just pop the lid back on and shake the whole thing up for a minute.

8. Turn yourself into a treat, then trim your dog’s nails

Anyone who has ever trimmed their pup’s nails knows it’s a tough job. One TikToker came up with a genius way to get her pooch to stand still. She wraps her forehead in plastic wrap, smears on some peanut butter and leans down so her pup can lick it up. Meanwhile, she has a still dog in front of her, and she can easily trim its nails.

7. Salvage the other half of your favorite fruit, avocado


There’s nothing sadder than reaching into the fridge for the second half of your avocado, only to realize that the toast-topping fruit has turned brown. You can avoid such heartbreak with a TikTok hack: simply place your unused avocado face down in one to two inches of water in a small container and voila.

6. Clasp a bracelet without a second set of hands

You don’t need help putting on clasped bracelets – you just need a paperclip. Unfold the paperclip, then loop one side of your bracelet through it. Next, you’ll whip your arm candy around so the clasp is next to the paperclipped side. Use your free hand to open it and hook it in place, then remove the wire.

5. Scour your fresh produce pre-cooking


When it comes to cleaning your produce, a quick rinse under the faucet won’t cut it after you watch this TikTok. The video’s creator says their mom taught them to add three tablespoons of salt to water, then place their fruits, vegetables and herbs into the bowl for 15 to 30 minutes. After you remove and rinse your plants, check out the dirt and bugs left behind… if you dare.

4. Use a straw for the ultimate butter-popcorn hack

The only thing better than a DIY butter machine at the movie theater? Hacking it so that you get the good stuff on every layer of your popcorn. One TikToker showed how to do just that with the help of a straw. Pop the cylinder into your popcorn bucket so it touches the lower kernels, then hold it underneath the machine. It’ll funnel the butter precisely where you want it.

3. Fill your ice cube trays without tipping them


The TikToker who made this viral video asked the internet, “Am I just dumb, or did nobody else know this either?” They then showed how you can hold an ice tray completely flat under a faucet and it’ll fill up each compartment on its own. You see, the flat areas between the cubes carry water from cube to cube as they fill up and spill over.

2. Get more out of your Starbucks order

If you’ve been buying extra-large drinks from Starbucks, this hack might hurt a little. Apparently, if you purchase an ice-free tall drink and ask for a venti cup of ice, you can pour the former into the latter – and completely fill the cup. Try it out and save yourself some cash.

1. Get your jeans to fit without the tailor


So, your jeans are falling off at the waist, but you don’t have time to have them altered. Don’t worry, TikTok has your back. As this hack teaches us, you just need to pull the button through the first belt-loop of your jeans, then fasten it as you normally would. This will close the gap and make your denim wearable – no stitches required.