20 Ingenious Beach Hacks That Will Take The Stress Out Of Your Summer Trips To The Sea

Going to the beach on a summer’s day should be a relaxing experience. But in reality, there are a number of obstacles to overcome before you can truly unwind. Luckily, whether you’re dealing with sticky sand or struggling to find a safe place to stash your belongings, these hacks have you covered.

20. Put a cork on it

Unsurprisingly swimwear is often considered the best attire for the beach. But while that may be practical for water-based activities, most bathing suits aren’t exactly laden with pockets to stash your possessions. That’s why this hack suggests locking most of your stuff in your car before you hit the sand.

By keeping any valuables in the vehicle, all you need to carry is your car keys. But how to keep track of them? Well, one trick is to attach a cork to them. That way, you can keep them on your person throughout the day, and if you do misplace them while swimming, they’ll float, making them easier to spot in the water.

19. Make a kid’s pool

Lots of kids love the beach, but sometimes rough surf can make paddling in the ocean a challenge for little ones. Keep them safe by creating their own little private pool on the beach and filling it with seawater. It may sound crazy, but all you’ll need is a shower curtain and a little digging knowhow.

To create your custom-made kid’s pool, start by digging a hole in the sand. This should be big enough to accommodate your child comfortably. After that, line the pit with a shower curtain – or any waterproof material – and fill it with buckets of water from the sea. Now, your little one can make a splash without the risk of being swept off their feet.


18. Easy fix flip flops

It would be fair to say that flip flops are the ideal footwear for a day at the beach. They’re lightweight, keep our feet cool and are easy to slip on and off. However, one downside is that they’re not exactly the sturdiest of shoes. With that in mind, they are prone to breaking – particularly around the toe post.

But next time you’re flip flop breaks do not despair. If you’ve prepared a picnic for the day, it’s possible that you’ll have a bread tag or a can ring at hand. Either of these unassuming items could be your savior. Simply pop the toe post back through the hole in the sole and clip the ring or tag over it, stopping it from slipping out any more.


17. Create a “baby hole”

While the beach promises fun for all the family, sand isn’t the best surface to place infants down. But rather than carrying a baby seat with you, why not create a makeshift one on the beach? That way, they can sit supported and take in all the sights and sounds that the seaside offers.

Yes, using damp sand, make a hole, scooping towards one side to create some back support for your baby. After that, lay a towel over the pit and place an umbrella nearby so that it will stay cool and shaded. It’s then ready to place your little one inside, and they should be comfortable enough to watch the world go by.


16. Repurpose your laundry basket

We’re willing to bet that you’ve probably never considered taking your laundry basket to the beach. And, in fairness, why would you? Well, the household items come in handy when carrying all those toys your kids use when playing in the sand. However, that’s not the only benefit.

Because laundry baskets are often full of holes, they’re perfect for rinsing sand off your children’s toys at the end of the day. Furthermore, to take this hack to the next level, you could invest in a pop-up hamper, especially for the beach. These are ideal for the task because they’re lightweight and normally relatively cheap to pick up.


15. Protect drinks with a cupcake liner

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a cool drink as you soak up the sun by the ocean. However, our open cans and cups tend to attract bugs and can end up full of sand if we’re not careful. That’s where a cupcake liner comes in handy, acting as a protective cover for our beachside beverages.

It turns out that cupcake liners are the perfect size to keep our drink cans covered. This is great for kids who are less likely to finish their refreshments in one go. Furthermore, if you so wish, you could push a straw through the paper, giving you easy sipping access while still keeping the beverage fresh.


14. Aloe vera ice cubes

We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun while at the beach. To do this, you should consider using an umbrella to create shade and reapply sunscreen regularly – particularly after swimming. However, if sunburn does occur, keep this simple but effective trick in mind.

Yes, frozen aloe vera can provide instant relief for sunburn. Make a batch for your family by squeezing some gel into an ice cube tray and popping it into the freezer. Once they’ve chilled, they can be rubbed onto the affected area to cool the skin, reduce redness, and relieve the pain.


13. Stop dripping popsicles in their tracks

When things get hot, popsicles are the perfect treat for our children to cool them down. However, the blazing sunshine can quickly turn them into a dripping, sticky mess, having the same effect on our kids. Of course, this can be soon fixed by a quick dip in the ocean. Alternatively, though, you could turn to this hack.

Indeed, before you hand out the popsicles, place the bottom of the sticks through a paper or foil cupcake liner. That way, you’ve created a barrier between the treat and your little ones’ hands. If the popsicle does start to melt, the drips will be caught in the liner, keeping your kids nice and clean – for the time being at least.


12. Hide valuables in a diaper

One of the main problems with a beach excursion is what to do with your valuable possessions when you’re in and out of the water or busy watching your kids. Sure, you could keep these in the car, but what if you wanted to buy an ice cream or capture some precious family memories on camera? Well, you could use a diaper.

If you think about it, diapers are the perfect decoy when it comes to stashing your valuables. Just hide your belongings inside and secure them using the sticky tabs. It’s likely you’ll be able to leave the rolled-up diaper unattended without worrying about your stuff. You see, the trick is genius because people will stay well away from it, believing it to be dirty.


11. Put your phone in ziplock bag

The beach is all about the water and the sand. But neither of these elements is good news if they get inside our phones. With that in mind, it’s important to protect our electronic items while we’re out by the coast. However, before you go out and buy a fancy case to keep your phone safe, have a look around your kitchen for a ziplock bag.

In fact, ziplock sandwich bags are the perfect budgetary way to protect our phones and other small devices at the beach. What’s more, you probably already have some lying around the house. The thin, clear plastic means that you can not only see the screen but interact with it too. Besides, it will also be safe from sand and splashes.


10. Keep your sunscreen in the cooler

Let’s face it, applying sunscreen at the beach isn’t the most pleasant of experiences. Whether you’re struggling to get to those hard to reach places or keep getting sand stuck to your freshly applied lotion, protecting ourselves from the UV rays can be a struggle. But there’s one small trick that can make the process slightly more bearable.

Yes, try placing the sunscreen in the cooler along with your food and drink. Not only will you keep the bottle sand-free, but you’ll never have to splash warm lotion on your already hot body again. Instead, you’ll get a lovely cooling sensation that’ll make putting on sun protection a dream.


9. DIY sponge ice packs

Keeping your refreshments chilled at the beach is a must. However, by the time you’ve filled your cooler with food and drink, things can get pretty heavy. And that’s before you add the necessary ice packs that will keep your goodies fresh. But there is a way to get around this.

That’s right, try taking a wet sponge and freezing it inside of a sandwich bag. When frozen, the homemade cooling device will still be relatively light. And given that it’s wrapped in plastic, it won’t drip all over your refreshments as it begins to thaw out.


8. Don’t fry your flip flops

While flip flops may be the perfect beach footwear, it’s likely that you’ll kick them off as soon as you find a space for yourself in the sand. But if this sounds like a familiar scenario, you might be making a rookie error. Because, when you come to slide your feet back into the flip flops, the chances are you’re in for a nasty surprise.

Indeed, if you’ve been soaking up the sun all day, then chances are your flip flops have been too. So when you come to slide them on again, you risk burning the bottoms of your feet. To prevent this, simply turn your flip flops over as soon as you take them off. Or better, just leave them in the shade.


7. Swap your towel for a fitted sheet

For lots of people, towels are likely their go-to beach accessory. Not only do they dry us off after a dip in the sea, but they’re also perfect to lay on, right? Wrong! This hack suggests swapping your trusty towel for a fitted sheet. It may sound strange, but it actually makes perfect sense.

Whereas towels are flat, fitted sheets can be used to create a barrier between yourself and the rest of the beach. Just place four sturdy items in each corner of the sheet to hold it in place and pull the sides around them. These makeshift “walls” will keep sand out, and – if needs be – keep crawling kiddies in a makeshift playpen.


6. Stash valuables in an empty bottle

When you’re enjoying the beach, it’s probably not wise to leave your valuables hanging around for all to see. But how do you hide them discreetly without bringing any further attention to them? It may seem like a tricky question, but in reality, all you really need is an empty bottle.

Yes, consider placing them inside an empty bottle. Given the setting, a used sunscreen container would provide the perfect disguise. However, any bottle big enough to accommodate your belongings will do. Just be sure it doesn’t accidentally end up in the trash.


5. Use a sled to get things through sand

On sunny days, finding the right spot on the beach can require patience and – sometimes – cunningness. But that’s easier said than done when you’re probably carrying all kinds of seaside paraphernalia, including chairs, parasols and coolers. And that’s without considering the crowd of kids you could have following in pursuit.

So make spot-searching that much easier by putting all your stuff onto a sled. While the items are more readily associated with winter activities, they actually work perfectly when transporting stuff across the sand. So if you have one sitting in your garage why not put it to use all year round?


4. Turn your steering wheel upside down to park

Parking lots at the beach are often just as exposed to the sun as the sandy shore. This can make returning to our vehicles after a long day almost unbearable. Because as soon as you open your doors you’re likely to be hit by a wave of boiling air, while sitting on hot upholstery can leave us squirming in our seats.

Therefore, when you arrive in your parking space turn the steering wheel all the way around so that it’s upside down before you lock up. That way, when you come back, the bottom of the wheel will have taken most of the heat, and the top part – which we’re more likely to touch – remains relatively cool.


3. The beach towel purse

If you’re looking to take your beach game to the next level, then this is the hack for you. With a little bit of time and sewing ability, you can create the ultimate summer accessory which works as a towel, pillow and a bag. After all, what more could you need for a perfect day on the coast?

To make this amazing accessory, all you need is two towels and a pillow. Cut the first towel so that it’s the same width as the pillow. Then, take the second and wrap it around the cushion, stitching it together to secure it in place. Attach the first towel to the bottom and use the offcuts to create handles so that you can carry it when it’s rolled up.


2. Use a balloon to stand out from the crowd

On a packed day, it can be almost impossible to find your place again after you’ve been in the sea. Yes, all of a sudden it becomes clear how similar everyone else’s summer supplies look – from bright umbrellas to fold-out chairs. As a result, it’s a good idea to do something to help your spot stand out.

And one way of doing this is by attaching a balloon to the top of your umbrella. Alternatively, you could use a flag or a kite. All that matters is that the item rises above the rest of your stuff – and all the other people on the beach – so that you can always find your family. It’s also a good way to help the kids, too.


1. Use talc to tackle sandy feet

Nothing quite says summer like the feeling of sand between our bare toes. However, walking on the beach is all well and good, until the time comes to go home. When that happens, you’re often left trying to wash the sand off in the sea, only to get more stuck to your feet as you walk to your car.

But sticky sand can be banished for good with just a sprinkle of talc. Indeed, apply to the feet – or any other part of the body – and rub it in. The baby powder will soak up any moisture, allowing sand to easily fall from the skin. Keep a bottle in your car so you’ve always got some at hand.