Two And A Half Men Starred Many Beautiful Women, And Here’s What They’re Up To Today

Two and a Half Men was a hotbed of controversy while it was on the air – thanks in no small part to Charlie Sheen. But regardless of what you think of the show or the behind-the-scenes madness, there’s one thing in the CBS sitcom’s favor: it showcased the comedic skills of several beautiful actresses. And here’s what became of those women once the show was done – including the star who played loveable ditz Kandi.

1. Jeri Ryan as Sherri

Sci-fi fans will have already known Jeri Ryan for playing Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager. And as Sherri in Two and a Half Men, she actually portrayed one of Charlie’s more memorable girlfriends – mostly down to the fact that she was eerily like him in many ways. After the couple broke up, though, Sherri started seeing Alan instead.

Ryan is still famous and working, reprising her most famous role in 2020’s Star Trek: Picard. She also starred alongside Star Trek legend William Shatner in 2019 horror Devil’s Revenge. And if you’ve been tuned into the MacGyver reboot, you may have just seen Ryan there, too. It’s fair to say that she’s keeping busy.

2. Teri Hatcher as Liz

Before the phenomenon that was Desperate Housewives made her a household name once again, Teri Hatcher appeared in Two and a Half Men as Liz. She was the sister of Alan’s ex-wife Judith, and she managed to cause a whole lot of chaos among the main characters in very short order. Pretty impressive, really!

Ever since Desperate Housewives’ series finale, however, Hatcher has faded from the spotlight a little, with her most recent high-profile role being in Supergirl. She’s constantly dogged by rumors that she’s difficult to work with, too, which can’t help matters at all.


3. Courtney Thorne-Smith as Lyndsey

Courtney Thorne-Smith loved being in Two and a Half Men. In 2012 she told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s such an extraordinary gift to have this kind of writing. I thought by this point I’d be playing the mom and always shouting, ‘Hey kids!’ To get to play this great, funny, sexy, drunk, crazy character is incredible.”

These days, Thorne-Smith portrays Emma Fielding in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries franchise of the same name. And ironically considering her past comment about casting, she’s also in a show called Mom – which happens to involve a lot of former Two and a Half Men crew members.


4. Judy Greer as Bridget

Fans will know that Judy Greer actually played two roles in Two and a Half Men. When Charlie Sheen was in the show, she portrayed Myra – one of Charlie Harper’s many romantic interests. Then, after the series was revamped and Ashton Kutcher was brought in, Greer was cast in the ongoing role of Walden Schmidt’s former wife, Bridget.

Greer continues to be one of the most prolific and sought-after character actresses in the business. Her screen résumé – which includes blockbusters Jurassic World and Ant-Man – looks pretty impressive, too. And in 2014 Greer added yet another string to her bow by publishing the playfully titled memoir I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.


5. Sophie Winkleman as Zoey

British actress Sophie Winkleman played the magnificently named Zoey Hyde-Tottingham Pierce – a love interest of Walden’s. She was almost the billionaire’s wife, in fact, until it transpired that she’d been cheating on him. And here’s a tidbit you may not know: the joke about Zoey being a duchess in her homeland actually nods to Winkleman’s life off camera.

You see, Winkleman holds the official title of Lady Frederick Windsor. She’s the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor – the son of one of the Queen’s first cousins – meaning she’s technically now a member of the British royal family. But even so, she’s continued to act. Perhaps Meghan Markle could seek her advice?


6. Jennifer Taylor as Chelsea

Chelsea Melini, played by Jennifer Taylor, was another beautiful woman in Charlie’s never-ending line of potential suitors. She even managed to become his fiancée for a little while after he realized that he was genuinely in love with her. But, alas, that relationship didn’t work out, and Charlie ended up dating Chelsea’s BFF instead.

Taylor has added more roles to her résumé since her Two and a Half Men days, but she still thinks fondly of the sitcom. In a 2018 interview with Jeremy Roberts, she called getting the job “one of the best things that [had] ever happened to her.” Of Chelsea, she added, “There’s a lot of me in her, because she was pretty no-nonsense.”


7. Missi Pyle as Ms. Pasternak

Character actress Missi Pyle played Dolores Pasternak – Jake’s ex-stripper schoolteacher – in Two and a Half Men. And her character had a memorable run on the show, to say the least. First she handed Jake a suspension, then she started dating Charlie. After the playboy convinced Dolores to treat Jake more favorably, however, he dumped her. Ouch.

And in 2016 Pyle remembered her time on the show when in conversation with The AV Club. She said, “It was just a fun little character to play, and then four years later, they ask me to come back to do an arc. But I got offered a Broadway show. I just felt like I had to do the Broadway show, so I ended up not being able to do that arc.” She still maintains a very successful career.


8. Heather Locklear as Laura

In Two and a Half Men, Melrose Place star Heather Locklear played Laura – Alan’s divorce lawyer and yet another love interest for Charlie. As soon as the composer began neglecting her, however, she changed the divorce settlement – and not for the better. Oops! Still, at least Locklear and Sheen are friends in real life.

Locklear came out in support of Sheen after he went public with his HIV diagnosis, writing on her Instagram account, “My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family.” And the actress continues to make headlines for various controversies – with some even including a woman who portrayed yet another Charlie Harper ex.


9. Denise Richards as Lisa

Denise Richards married Sheen back in 2002, so it may have seemed a sweet idea for her to cameo in Two and a Half Men as one of Charlie’s former girlfriends. Life would imitate art, though, when she later filed for divorce from the actor in 2005. And ever since then, Sheen and Richards’ relationship has been pretty complicated.

Richards – who has since married again – is apparently now on good terms with her ex-husband, though. That leaves her free to stir up controversy elsewhere, as she did upon her exit from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2020. Richards is alleged to have asked for a hefty salary increase before quitting the series.


10. Ming-Na Wen as Linda

Ming-Na Wen’s Linda wasn’t the one for Charlie, but the awkward start to their relationship didn’t really help. First, there was that difficult double date. Then, later on, Charlie was hauled in front of a judge for a DUI – and you can probably guess who that judge turned out to be…

But Wen has done a lot more than just Two and a Half Men. Famously, she is the voice of Mulan in Disney’s animation of the same name. The actress has also chalked up credits in ER and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., to name just two of many shows. And while she also happens to be in her 50s now, she absolutely doesn’t look it.


11. Paget Brewster as Jamie

Paget Brewster’s Two and a Half Men character Jamie Eckleberry revived an old comedic trope. She was the dumpy girl from high school who Charlie and Alan picked on and bullied – only to reappear as an adult looking thin and gorgeous. And while Charlie and Alan subsequently tried to get her attention, she unsurprisingly turned them both down.

Brewster has had plenty of high-profile roles since Two and a Half Men, including stints in TV shows Community and Criminal Minds. Then there’s her voice work for American Dad and DuckTales. And she’s also embraced aging, posting snaps of her gray hair to Instagram back in 2019.


12. Brooke Shields as Danielle

The famously beautiful Brooke Shields has had a complicated, fascinating life in showbiz, making her role in Two and Half Men a mere footnote. She portrayed girl-next-door Danielle in season four of the show, with both Charlie and Alan fighting over her. But, inevitably, neither man won Danielle over in the end.

Shields is still very much a star today, of course, and with a host of further credits to her name. Fans may have seen her pop up in Jane the Virgin, for instance, or in a small role in the Murphy Brown reboot. And in 2014 Shields published a book in order to set the record straight about her life as a child actress.


13. Jenna Elfman as Frankie/Dharma

Jenna Elfman was actually in Two and a Half Men twice – once in 2004 and again in 2011. The first time around, she played Frankie – a firebrand who drew Charlie and Alan’s attentions. Then, upon her return, she showed up as Dharma, her character from the TV show Dharma and Greg, in a neat series crossover.

Both Dharma and Greg and Two and a Half Men may be gone from the schedules now, but Elfman has plenty else to occupy her. She’s appeared, for instance, as Naomi in Fear the Walking Dead – the successful spin-off of zombie show The Walking Dead – and in the revamped version of The Twilight Zone.


14. Hilary Duff as Stacey

Back in 2013, ex-child star Hilary Duff announced her Two and a Half Men cameo on Twitter, revealing, “I get to play a crazy drunk girl, funnnn!!!” And this turned out to be a very appropriate way to tell the world the news, as we imagine her phone-obsessed character Stacey would be all over her socials.

Duff isn’t as big a name as she was in her teenage years, but she’s still maintained a pretty steady career into adulthood. Guest appearances in shows such as Two and a Half Men have helped a little with that, of course. And there may yet still be a reboot of her smash hit TV show Lizzie McGuire one day.


15. Mila Kunis as Vivian

Just after Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced that they were engaged, it emerged that Kunis would be appearing opposite her new fiancé in Two and a Half Men. She would play a beautiful young woman with whom Walden falls in love – just as he is supposed to be popping the question to his girlfriend.

The episode managed to get in crafty references to Kunis’ other work – even a sly nod to her and Kutcher’s time in That ’70s Show. And although Vivian and Walder ultimately didn’t stay together, Kunis and Kutcher did. Now, they’re also parents to two kids. Aww.


16. Miley Cyrus as Missi

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus appeared in Two and a Half Men back in 2012 as the very attractive Missi. And if taking the role was an attempt to shed her previously wholesome image, it pretty much worked. Missi, as fans may remember, showed up in a bikini and was hardly backwards when it came to flirting with the guys.

Cyrus’ attempts to seem more grown-up only became more outlandish from there. At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, for instance, she stunned audiences who remembered the star from her Hannah Montana days with a very suggestive on-stage performance. And while Cyrus has calmed down a bit since, she’s still known as a bit of a wild child.


17. Megan Fox as Prudence

Before she shot to fame as a lead in the Transformers movies, Megan Fox popped up in a guest role in the very first season of Two and a Half Men. That’s right: eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the future star as Prudence – the young granddaughter of Charlie’s housekeeper Berta.

However, Fox – who is now considered to be one of the best-looking women on the planet – has spent a long time fighting to get out of the box that Hollywood put her in. These days, then, she accepts roles that have more substance to them. The actress has also expressed anger about being portrayed as a feeble airhead in her younger days.


18. Melanie Lynskey as Rose

Melanie Lynskey’s Rose was Charlie’s stalker-turned-wife… as well as the woman who faked his death and kept him prisoner in her house for years. But even though Rose wasn’t exactly the sort of person with whom you’d be best buds, she was hilarious on screen. Lynskey put in reliably great performances, too.

Lynskey remains a successful actress to this day and looks stunning with it. Along the way, though, she’s been open about her struggles with her body. In 2016, for instance, Lynskey told People that she had spent a long time “trying to conform to something that was not physically possible.” And, eventually, she admitted, she “did have to truly become comfortable with [herself] – because you can’t fake it.”


19. Kelly Stables as Melissa

Kelly Stables never actually thought that she’d be cast as Two and a Half Men’s Melissa. “I’m sitting in that waiting room with all of these beautiful, voluptuous women, and I’m thinking, ‘Why am I here?’” she told the website HoboTrashcan in 2009. Stables triumphed, though, and earned the role of the gorgeous receptionist.

So, what did the actress end up doing after her run in Two and a Half Men? Well, she stuck with sitcoms – appearing in The Exes, Romantically Challenged and Superstore among other shows. And if you’ve seen her in something very far from a comedy, that’s because she also played Samara in horror movie The Ring 2.


20. Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Gretchen

Kimberly Williams-Paisley played Gretchen Martin – a potential girlfriend of Alan Harper – in Two and a Half Men. Avid fans may also know that her real-life husband, country music star Brad Paisley, joined her on screen at the end of season 11. And while Williams-Paisley only appeared in six episodes of the show in total, she certainly made her mark.

Williams-Paisley is still a successful actress as well as a mom; she and Brad have sons William and Jasper together. You may have spotted her in Hallmark’s Claire Darrow series, for instance, while comic book fans will know her now as Renee Alder in The CW’s superhero show The Flash.


21. Jaime Pressly as Tammy

My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly guest-starred in Two and a Half Men as Tammy – Jake’s older, tattooed-all-over but unfairly judged girlfriend. And the episode in which she appeared was actually a rather special one. Why? Well, it marked Angus T. Jones’ first time back on the show after publicly slamming the series in a YouTube video.

Of course, Two and a Half Men is just one of many entries on Pressly’s acting résumé. You may recognize her from series such as Raising Hope and Mom, for instance. And that’s not even to mention her Emmy-winning turn as Joy in My Name is Earl. Just don’t confuse her with her lookalike Margot Robbie…


22. Krista Allen as Olivia

Krista Allen only had a small role in Two and a Half Men, but she certainly made it count. She portrayed Olivia Pearson – one of Charlie’s past love interests – in the episode “Did You Check with the Captain of the Flying Monkeys?” And when the two met up again, Charlie explained to Olivia, “I said you were special, not unique!” Naturally, this didn’t go down well.

But Allen has done a lot more than just throw alcohol over Charlie Sheen. She’s been in 2003’s Anger Management with Jack Nicholson, for example, and Liar Liar with Jim Carrey back in the late ’90s. Allen has also appeared in Rules of Engagement and Hawaii Five-0, to name just two shows, and portrayed the eponymous lead in The CW’s Significant Mother.


23. Emmanuelle Vaugier as Mia

For ten episodes of the show, Emmanuelle Vaugier appeared as Mia – a ballet teacher and ex-fiancé of Charlie who unsuccessfully tries to make him look after himself. Behind the scenes, though, the Canadian star was dating none other than Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. Or she was until 2012, when the relationship suddenly fell apart.

Allegedly, you see, Lorre had cheated on Vaugier. And in 2012 an insider explained how the actress had taken the news, saying to Radar Online, “She’s hurt, devastated. She never saw it coming.” But Lorre may just be a blip in her life now. And, anyway, Vaugier is still booked and busy, having appeared in franchises such as Smallville, One Tree Hill and the iconic Saw series.


24. Gail O’Grady as Mandi

Gail O’Grady shone as Kandi’s lascivious mom Mandi, who famously charmed Charlie in Judith’s hot tub. The character made her final appearance in the episode “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro” – and if you’ve seen it, you’ll know perfectly well what that title refers to.

O’Grady had a long and storied career before joining the sitcom, though, with three Primetime Emmy Award nominations under her belt for NYPD Blue. You may have also seen her appearing in Criminal Minds and Revenge. Oh, and she’s been rather busy in her personal life, if her six marriages are anything to go by…


25. Lucy Lawless as Pamela

Yes, Two and a Half Men managed to net Xena herself. Lucy Lawless appeared in the 2005 episode “It was ‘Mame,’ Mom” as Pamela – the ex-wife of a gay ad executive. And as she looked absolutely stunning, it’s no wonder that Charlie was instantly taken by her – even if he was pretending to be his brother’s boyfriend at the time.

Lawless barely needs an introduction, of course, as she famously portrayed the iconic character of Xena, Warrior Princess for six years in the show of the same name. The actress has also taken roles in Battlestar Galactica and Parks and Recreation and has engaged in plenty of voice and stage work.


26. Marin Hinkle as Judith

Marin Hinkle nabbed one of the more important female roles in the show, playing Jake’s mom and Alan’s ex-wife Judith. And her relationship with Alan was a little difficult, to say the least. Yet while Judith wasn’t exactly adored by fans, it does take a lot of acting talent to get audiences to actively root against you.

Hinkle’s star continues to soar, too. Nowadays, she portrays Rose Weissman in Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – scooping an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy nomination for the role in 2019. She’s also appeared in both of the new Jumanji movies as well as Madam Secretary and Grey’s Anatomy.


27. Lynda Carter as herself

TV’s Wonder Woman Lynda Carter made a cameo as herself in a 2013 episode of Two and a Half Men. That installment was appropriately named “Justice in Star-Spangled Hot Pants.” And as fans may remember, the plot revolved around Alan finally getting to meet Carter after having had a crush on her for years.

Carter will probably always be known first and foremost for Wonder Woman, although that shouldn’t be the extent of her legacy. For a start, she’s since taken on other roles, including that of President Olivia Marsdin in The CW’s Supergirl. And Carter also takes time out of her busy schedule to campaign on important issues such as Alzheimer’s disease research.


28. Holland Taylor as Evelyn

Holland Taylor didn’t play a love interest or a wife in Two and a Half Men. Instead, she was Evelyn Harper, the mom of both Alan and Charlie. And it seems that she got on great with her castmates. In 2012 Taylor told the AARP, “There was a Mother’s Day event at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and both Jon [Cryer] and Charlie [Sheen] came and gave me an armful of roses. I was blown away.”

Then, when the show finished in 2015, The Fresno Bee quoted Taylor as saying, “Twelve years is a long time, but it’s natural that it comes to an end. We were lucky to have a role this long.” She continues to act in high-profile movies such as Bill and Ted Face the Music and TV shows including Hollywood.


29. April Bowlby as Kandi

April Bowlby memorably portrayed the beautiful but not particularly bright Kandi in Two and a Half Men, although her lack of smarts didn’t seem to put off Alan. And while Kandi and Alan both married and divorced in relatively quick fashion, the pair still remained friends after the fact.

Bowlby continued to pop up on Two and a Half Men right up until it ended in 2015. After that, she took cameos in TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory before landing yet another plum role. In 2019, you see, she became part of the DC television series Doom Patrol, playing Rita Farr – a.k.a. Elasti-Girl.


30. Jenny McCarthy as Courtney

Former Playboy model and TV star Jenny McCarthy was already a big name before she guested on Two and a Half Men. And perhaps inevitably, she played a blonde bombshell in the sitcom – albeit one with a propensity to con. Courtney Leopold may have been beautiful, you see, but she also ended up taking a lot of Charlie’s cash.

Currently, McCarthy serves as a judge on The Masked Singer. Reality TV fans may also remember her show with hubby Donnie Wahlberg: the cutely named Donnie Loves Jenny. Since appearing in Two and a Half Men, however, McCarthy has become infamous for another reason: her controversial anti-vaccination views.


But, of course, beautiful women appeared on our screens way before Two and a Half Men was ever a scribble on Chuck Lorre’s notepad. And the following 40 stars are undoubtedly some of the most stunning actresses in the history of Hollywood.

40. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts starred in a famous movie called Pretty Woman – and she’s considered one herself, of course. In fact, she’s won the title of People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman a whopping five times – in 1991, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2017. And she could still very plausibly make it six.

39. Audrey Hepburn

Despite her obvious good looks, Audrey Hepburn didn’t consider herself pretty. In 2013 her son Luca Dotti told Vanity Fair magazine, “She thought she had a big nose and big feet, and she was too skinny and not enough breast. She would look in the mirror and say, ‘I don’t understand why people see me as beautiful.’” But they did.

38. Brooke Shields


Brooke Shields has been a beauty icon for practically all her life – and it’s easy to see why. But now that she’s in her 50s, she’s starting to explore that. In October 2019 she told Dr. Oz on his show that she once had a “really fraught relationship with the whole idea of beauty,” but now was “starting to celebrate” her body.

37. Farrah Fawcett

Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett was an icon of the 1970s, and her hairstyle became popular with women all over America. Yet she wasn’t afraid to show the world how her famous hair eventually fell out. In 2009, as she lay dying of cancer in hospital, she insisted her battle be filmed in order to demonstrate what fighting the illness was really like.

36. Tippi Hedren


Tippi Hedren, the mother of Melanie Griffith, was so beautiful that she caught the eye of famed film director Alfred Hitchcock. At the start of her career, she would star in his films The Birds and Marnie. Over the years, Hedren would appear in over 80 movies and TV shows, including Charlie Chaplin’s final feature, in which she performed opposite Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren.

35. Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge became famous for her role in the 1954 film Carmen Jones. Her performance saw her gain a Best Actress Academy Award nomination. As such, she was the first black woman ever to earn this. Sadly, she died young, passing away in 1965 at the age of just 42. But her beauty and talent are still remembered.

34. Rita Moreno


West Side Story Oscar-winner Rita Moreno told Glamour magazine in 2018, “Certain parts of you, your fears and your love, never really die. There are parts of me that are very young that live – the girl who was always sure that nobody liked her and that she wasn’t pretty enough.” And yet she was, and they did.

33. Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was a beautiful Hollywood sex symbol whose life was cut tragically short. She was killed in a car crash in 1967, and purported sensational details were instantly spread around the press. But her daughter – the actress Mariska Hargitay – remembers her mother as an accomplished and intelligent woman gone too soon.

32. Jaclyn Smith


Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels won a lot of beauty accolades in her heyday. In 1985 alone she was named by McCall’s in its “America’s 10 Best Bodies” list and by Lady’s Home Journal as the “Most Beautiful Woman in America.” So, unsurprisingly, she started making a career out of that aspect of her persona as well. She now has her own line of beauty products.

31. Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner’s unusual beauty – she had dark hair matched with green eyes – made her the image of the Hollywood femme fatale. Film studio MGM gave her the label of “The World’s Most Beautiful Animal.” And men – including Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, Artie Shaw and Mickey Rooney – all fell head-over-heels for her.

30. Sharon Stone


One particular movie scene made Sharon Stone a sex symbol. In 1992’s Basic Instinct she’s briefly seen revealing a very private part while uncrossing her legs. However, Stone has said that she wasn’t aware just how much would actually be shown. In fact, she seems to have mixed feelings in general about the film and the status it gave her.

29. Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda was unsurprisingly a model before getting into acting. But as the daughter of Henry Fonda, the whole entertainment world was opened up to her. She’s now considered a Hollywood legend and a prime example of how to age well, but people also remember her for her anti-war activism.

28. Pam Grier


Pam Grier was the queen of blaxploitation movies in the 1970s, and she’s still active today. In March 2020 she reminisced about her early years to The New Yorker magazine. She said, “I didn’t find myself sexy or pretty. I didn’t even shave my legs. To this day, I don’t think of myself as a Nicole Kidman or an Angela Bassett.” Many have disagreed, though.

27. Olivia Newton-John

The movie Grease made Olivia Newton-John famous. But behind the scenes, she hated watching herself on camera. She was massively insecure about her looks, but thankfully that eventually changed. In 2008 she told newspaper The Guardian that when she looked in the mirror she saw, “a healthy woman who is pretty happy with herself.”

26. Cheryl Ladd


Cheryl Ladd starred in Charlie’s Angels, which became a massive phenomenon. And she thinks she knows why. In November 2019 she told CNN, “None of us [were] actually trying to be men. We were women, 100 percent women, and we were powerful and smart and fun to watch and intelligent.” And, of course, good-looking.

25. Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger was a model before she became an actress and a Bond Girl, but she always preferred the world of acting. She met her one-time husband Alec Baldwin on the set of The Marrying Man and they had daughter named Ireland together. Now Ireland is a rising star, and gets beauty tips from her mom.

24. Cicely Tyson


Cicely Tyson helped bring black beauty into the mainstream during a time of racism. But she was lauded for her talent as well as her looks, gaining critical acclaim for her performances in dramas such as Sounder and The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. And in 2019, at the age of 94, she received an honorary Oscar.

23. Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon rose to fame in the 1960s. Part of that was because of her beauty and acting skills, but her marriage to Cary Grant also put her on the map. They made a very good-looking couple, although they would later divorce. Cannon is in her 80s now, but still considered beautiful.

22. Angelina Jolie


The beauty of actress Angelina Jolie has been praised for a long time now. In 2009 she won Vanity Fair magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World contest by a landslide. However, she herself has said that she plans to teach her daughters that intelligence is more important than good looks.

21. Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her era, but that wasn’t remotely all there was to her. She happened to be an inventor as well as a performer, and during the Second World War she helped to sow the seeds for what is now wi-fi technology. She’s deservedly now a role model for women in STEM.

20. Pamela Anderson


Canadian actress Pamela Anderson became a sex symbol of the 1990s, thanks in no small part to the TV show Baywatch. She was lauded for her sexiness and appeared on the cover of Playboy no less than 12 times. But in 2003 she told NBC’s Matt Lauer, “The novelty should have worn off a long time ago.”

19. Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer has won People magazine’s “Most Beautiful” award twice, and it’s easy to see why. She appears to be one of those women which beauty comes to effortlessly. After all, she’s told People that in the past that she’s smoked, neglected sunscreen and eaten lots of junk food. It’s jealousy-inducing.

18. Greta Garbo


Swedish-born Golden Age star Greta Garbo helped make the smoky eye what it is today. She put dark eyeshadow shades and eyeliner around her eyes, and the look became iconic. That combined with her bone structure, her androgynous good looks and her air of mystery made her an enduring beauty.

17. Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was a celebrated actress whose life met a tragic end. A fortune teller once reportedly told her mother that the girl “would be a great beauty,” but also that she should “beware of dark water.” And she was right. In 1981 the three-time Oscar nominee was discovered drowned in the ocean around her yacht. To this day, how it happened is a mystery.

16. Halle Berry


Halle Berry played Bond girl Jinx in the 2002 movie Die Another Day. She rocked an orange bikini and was unsurprisingly very popular. And remarkably she doesn’t seem to have changed all that much since then. She claims that moisturizing her skin twice a day is her secret to staying young-looking.

15. Olivia de Havilland

The beautiful Olivia de Havilland is one of the last stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age – she’s 103 years old now. Asked in 2009 by The Independent newspaper how she felt about her career, she said, “I feel not happy, not contented, but something else. Just grateful for having lived and having done so many things that I wanted to do and have also had so much meaning for other people.”

14. Raquel Welch


Actress Raquel Welch was a major sex symbol of the 1960s. Yet she didn’t always enjoy being such an icon. In her 2010 book Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage she said, “All the men that I have really fallen for are those men that have reacted to me and have made me feel like I’m a person and it’s not that they’re going to bed with Raquel Welch.”

13. Ingrid Bergman

Casabanca star Ingrid Bergman was beautiful, but remarkably for the time she refused to have anything extra done to “improve” her. She wouldn’t change her hair, fix her teeth or pluck her eyebrows, and sometimes she even wore no makeup. But this worked – she was marketed as the first “natural” actress.

12. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has always been considered gorgeous – and ageless to boot. How does she do it? In 2016 she told InStyle magazine, “Honestly, my routine hasn’t really changed. It has always been about maintenance. I take more and more pride in maintaining a healthy routine – whether it is how I take care of my skin or my body as a whole.”

11. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty is so legendary that scientists have analyzed it. In 2011 Harvard psychologist Nancy Etcoff told the ABC network that Taylor “had a feature that most people wouldn’t think of as contributing to attractiveness, but really does, which is a small, gracile jaw.” She even characterized the star as “exaggeratedly feminine.”

10. Sophia Loren


Sophia Loren was reportedly considered ugly as a child, but that definitely changed. She grew up to be considered one of the most stunning women in Hollywood. However, she wrote in her 1984 book Women & Beauty, “Beauty is a package. It is in every woman. You just need to know how to explore it and show it to the world.”

9. Cybill Shepherd

Moonlighting star Cybill Shepherd was always pretty, but she seems quite ambivalent about being lauded for it. In 1994 she told newspaper The Orlando Sentinel, “Being beautiful is a drawback sometimes.” And in 2015 she recollected to the Today show that her mom had always told her, “Beauty is as beauty does.”

8. Brigitte Bardot


Brigitte Bardot was a major sex symbol in the 1950s. She posed and pouted on the cover of multiple magazines, making her a star. She helped pioneer the just-got-out-of-bed look that models delight in today. But as an older woman she’s been convicted five times for inciting racial hatred, proving that beauty is only skin-deep.

7. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly had it all – she was a beauty, an accomplished actress and a real-life princess. After a successful film career which included classics such as Rear Window and High Noon she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956. She could have done much more, too, had she not died in a car accident come 1982.

6. Lucy Liu


Legendary actress Lucy Liu shared some of her beauty secrets with CNN in 2007. Among the tips she offered were, “Even if you don’t have any makeup on, you can still look really pretty if your lips are soft and shiny.” She also said, “If you take a little bit of Aquaphor and dab it on your face, it keeps your skin looking fresh.” Those tips have evidently served her well.

5. Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth was a pin-up girl of World War II thanks to a saucy Life magazine photograph of her in black lingerie. But she was an actress, too – and a good one. She starred in Gilda, Only Angels Have Wings and more. Her defining feature of beautiful red hair, however, wasn’t natural. It was, in fact, dyed.

4. Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe is still the archetypical blonde bombshell even now. Her stunning good looks brought her movie roles, riches, and extreme popularity. But she always found it quite difficult being famous. After a life spent battling mental illness, she died of a drug overdose in 1962. It was an incredibly tragic loss.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

When Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o was named People’s Most Beautiful in 2014, it marked an important change in the culture of beauty. The actress told People that as soon as she got the accolade, “I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [the cover] and feel a little more seen.”

2. Ursula Andress


Ursula Andress was the first ever Bond Girl, and she paved the way for all the others to come. The moment where she walks out of the ocean dressed in a white bikini became an iconic movie moment – and for good reason. Indeed, the actress is even considered to have popularized that particular type of swimwear among American women.

1. Jacqueline Bisset

In 1977 Jacqueline Bisset was given the title of “most beautiful film actress of all time” by Newsweek magazine. And it’s easy to see why. Bisset herself though was never sure, telling newspaper The Independent in 2014 that, “I never felt beautiful. That just wasn’t the way I was brought up.”