Shakira's Personal Trainer Shared Her Incredible Wellness Routine

Shakira is one of those annoying people in life who’s amazing at everything. She can sing. She can dance. And she looks bloomin’ fabulous doing it. But what exactly is the star doing to get those perfectly chiseled abs and that gorgeous healthy glow? Well, thankfully, we don’t have to wonder anymore. Shakira’s personal trainer has revealed all — from her eating habits and fitness regime to her best tips for self-care. Prepare to be inspired…

Pushing her body

Well, inspired is one word — but you may find Shakira’s health routine a little daunting as well. It sure isn’t for everyone. To look as good as she does, the 44-year-old mom has to push her body to extremes. It’s the only way to properly prepare for hours of prancing around on stage, swinging those marvelous hips in all directions.

Shakira ups her game

While Shakira has always looked amazing, she has had to up her game in recent years. In 2018 the star embarked on her “El Dorado” world tour. Its grueling schedule saw the pint-sized star performing in more than 20 countries over the course of five months. She needed to get fit and to train her body to cope with taking to the stage night after night. But there was an even bigger challenge just around the corner.

The Super Bowl

At the start of 2020 Shakira gave a killer performance at the NFL Super Bowl. Audiences watched in awe as the Latina queen moved her body at lightning speed before their eyes. And all the while, she was belting out some impressive notes and flaunting her rock-hard abs in a barely-there glittery number. The performance really was quite something. And one thing’s for certain: Shakira wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without her intense health routine. 

Shakira’s fitness guru

Anna Kaiser is the lucky person who gets to guide Shakira in all things health. She’s a renowned dance choreographer who has set up studios in New York and Connecticut. Other stars on the fitness expert’s client list include Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker. But her relationship with Shakira seems to be particularly special.