Teen's Argument With His Parents Led Him To Spend Six Years Digging A Bunker

Sounds of raised voices blare out from the Cantó family home in eastern Spain. Almost as suddenly as the chaos began, teenager Andrés bursts out the door with a pickaxe in hand. And before anyone can say a word or try to stop him, he starts hacking a hole in the ground of the backyard.

The Start Of Something Big

The boy is clearly frustrated as he smashes his way into the hard earth. The pickaxe – his grandpa’s – flies into the ground, and before long, Andrés has made himself quite a hole. You might have thought that once the teenager had worked off his anger, he’d stop. Alas, you’d be wrong!

Average Teenager

These days Andrés is an actor, but back when the hole digging began, he was just like any other teenager in Spain. Sure, the Spaniard has a bit more imagination than some. But otherwise, he was the same as any boy in La Romana – the village in the Alicante region where the family lived.

The Root Of It All

So, what led Andrés to dig a hole in the garden? Well, he told the website LADbible in May 2021, “My parents wanted me to change clothes to go to the village. But I wanted to wear the tracksuit that I liked to wear at home so I could mess around in the village.”

Calm Retelling

But the boy’s parents had other ideas. Andrés continued, “They told me I could not go out dressed like this, and I said, ‘No worries, I can entertain myself,’ and I went to the back of the property and started to dig a hole.” We suspect that this calm retelling may be missing a fair bit of shouting and foot-stamping!